Darcy Regier

Darcy Regier played parts of eight seasons of professional hockey from 1976-’84 in the Central Hockey League (CHL) for Indianapolis and Salt Lake, and was a member of three championship teams. In his rookie season, he volunteered to become his team’s PHPA Player Representative, despite rumors at the time of potential fallout from team management towards anyone becoming involved with the union. He would later be elected to serve as President of the PHPA Executive Committee, bringing many issues to the forefront on behalf of the Membership.

“Darcy was a voice of reason who exemplified tremendous leadership, which is evident given his current position as General Manager of the Buffalo Sabres,” said PHPA Executive Director Larry Landon. “My respect for Darcy remains as high as the day I first met him. He was incredibly passionate about what the PHPA could become, and he gave all of us on the Executive Committee at that time, the courage and confidence to carry the torch moving forward. Given my first hand experience working with Darcy as a Member of the PHPA Executive Committee, it comes as no surprise that he would be selected by the PHPA Executive Committee for this award.”

“I am truly honored to receive this award from the PHPA. I have fond memories of working with Curt on behalf of the PHPA Membership,” said Regier.

Although Regier doesn’t believe he left any sort of legacy during his involvement with the PHPA, despite being honored as recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Member Award, he simply concedes, “All along, I felt that what I did was the right thing to do at the time for the Players.”

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