About the PHPA

The Professional Hockey Players' Association is the certified, US National Labor Relations Board collective bargaining representative for all professional hockey players within the American Hockey League (AHL) and ECHL. As the only minor league Players' Association within a major league sport, the PHPA is one of the largest Players' Associations within the professional sports industry, boasting approximately 1,600 Members situated across 57 teams throughout North America.

While the Association has many functions, the primary function of the PHPA is to negotiate Player benefits by way of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). These benefits include: health and welfare benefits, training camp allowances, travel and trade relocation expenses, daily per diem, housing allowances, playoff shares, licensing rights, revenue-sharing, and Membership Assistance Programs.

With salaries of PHPA Members, to a great extent being pre-determined by each Member's previous play or value to an organization, the PHPA is focused on enhancing the membership's quality of life while they pursue their dream. As such, the Association's mission statement captures this characteristic...

The Professional Hockey Players' Association, through superior preparedness and experience, is committed to the enhancement and protection of Players' rights, as its Members pursue advancement in the sport of professional hockey.

In an effort to further promote and sustain the PHPA's vision of delivering professional, high-quality service, support, and guidance to Members and their families, the Association has established the following initiatives: a Career Enhancement Program, a Workers' Compensation Panel of Attorneys, a Registered Agents program, an Alumni Association, the Redline (Membership Assistance Program), a Players' Only Website, as well as a Players mobile app.

The PHPA was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1967, assisting players in the former Western Hockey League (1967-1974). Since then, the Association has represented players in the Central Hockey League (1974-1984, 2008 - 2014), and former International Hockey League (1985-2001). Now headquartered in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada the PHPA continues to represent all Players in the AHL (since 1968) and ECHL (since 1995).

While the sports industry has experienced a great deal of turbulence throughout the PHPA's existence, the Association has been successful in enhancing and defending its Membership's well being, while respecting the fans and the sport at this level. Due to all stakeholders' commitment to be not only focused, but in a position to adapt, the minor Leagues and PHPA Members continue to enjoy the magnitude of acceptable terms and conditions of employment which arise from stable labor management relations.

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